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For about 25 years we create software for projects in manufacturing. We understand technical and business issues around production and apply modern methods solving problems together with our customers.
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FORMTEC GmbH has been founded in 1998 in Dortmund. We focus on processes dealing with tool and mold design and construction. Based on knowledge about CAD-CAM, CNC machining, different machines/ controls we are engineering software based services and solutions.

Machines / Controls

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It's our knowledge to solve problems in manufacturing using modern methods of software engineering.
Design of mold-systems, support quick and well founded offers without support of CAD-department, avoid pitfalls.
Simulation, collision check, gouge detection, optimization of milling processes based on postprocessed nc-code in multiple dialects
Milling of complex spring coiling tools (automotive) based on a simple table (distance / gradient) including process simulation
Interactive planning table for project planning, controlling, pre- and postcalculation
Digital twin
Integration of NCspeed via API into automatic workflows - acting like a machine running nc-code. Delivers XML-reports to classify the nc-code good, inspect, bad. Includes processes like wire cut, edm.

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